BOHS P903 - Management and control of evaporative cooling and other high risk industrial systems

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Syllabus/Course Structure and Assessment

BOHS P903 - Management and control of evaporative cooling and other high risk industrial systems is there to provide background and an overview of the risk of Legionella infection and how it can be controlled in Evaporative Cooling and other high risk Industrial type systems. It is a requirement of this course that candidates have successfully completed P901 - Legionella- Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services. Where both P901 and P903 courses are run on subsequent days or as a combined course then this prerequisite is waived.

The main subject areas of the course are:

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Process and cooling water system technicians and operatives.
  • Responsible persons for industrial type water systems (e.g. building and facilities managers, duty holders, maintenance staff).
  • Legionella risk assessors and consultants.
  • Occupational hygienists and health and safety managers.

Course Timing

Duration: 1 day

Start time: 9am on course day

Finish time: Approximately 4pm

Written Exam: 20 short answer Questions, 60 mins

Report submission.

In order to be awarded a Certificate for this examination, candidates are required to provide evidence of field proficiency. To satisfy this requirement candidates are required to demonstrate that they have carried out, possibly under supervision, one field assessment of an appropriate water system under their direct or indirect control. The report must show to the examiner that the candidate is competent to do the work.

Dates for this course will be added soon.

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